About Fan Pack

Fan Pack is a consumer facing mobile application that allows fans of professional sports teams, celebrities and e-sports gamers, to use branded digital stickers in popular messaging apps such as iMessage and WhatsApp.

Fan Pack develops packs with leading sports, music and entertainment brands.

Developed over the past 12 months via collaboration between serial entrepreneur Chris Howarth and Leeds United FC CEO Angus Kinnear; Fan Pack is headed up by brand partnership innovator Wayne Elliott to exploit the under utilised digital assets of well known sporting and entertainment brands. Recognising the lost revenue opportunity, clubs have been quick to sign licencing partnerships with the company and to date, agreements with 11 sporting entities have been agreed.

Fan Pack will continue to grow its portfolio of soccer partners (under minimum 2- year contracts) whilst bringing fans of the major rugby, cricket, American Football and Basketball organisations together with a source of unique, branded digital content. Fan Pack secures exclusive rights to digital sticker packs using the brand’s IP, including logo, current players, staff, mascots (images, names and numbers), stadium, kits, sponsor logos and former players. Crucially, a club/ brand partner also provides access to their fans, which kickstarts a commercial revenue share between the brand and Fan Pack.


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Wayne E
Head of Partnerships

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